160 YEARS MADE IN GREECE. Industry, Innovation, Novelty
Technopolis City of Athens
100, Pireos st., Gazi, 11854

160 YEARS MADE IN GREECE. Industry, Innovation, Novelty


Periodical Exhibition
January-March 2018

When was the first popsicle made? Which company provided cement for the construction of Hilton hotel? Where is a rabbit pulled out from? Which Greek industry has the most original ads?

Machinery, raw materials, rarely found photographs, a plethora of audiovisual material and a series of side events and educational projects are parts of the historic exhibition presented by Technopolis- City of Athens and the Industrial Gas Museum. The exhibition, which shows the industrial growth in Greece during 1860-1970 as well as its development, allows us to interact and learn more about the most important branches of industry and all the innovations that have taken place, the raw materials, the production stages, the products, the technological developments and the most significant businessmen by discovering unexplored sides of our modern History.

18 January, 2018 to 25 March, 2018

Opening hours
Tue-Fri : 12.00-20.00
Sat & Sun : 11.00-20.00

Admission fee: 4€
Reduced fee (unemployed, students): 2,5€

Organization / Production: 
Industrial Gas Museum
12.00-20.00 & 11.00-20.00
Special remarks: 
Wheelchair accessible
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