Athens Fashion Film Festival 2020: When Ethics Meet Aesthetics
Technopolis City of Athens
Piraios 100, Gazi, 11854

Athens Fashion Film Festival 2020: When Ethics Meet Aesthetics


Athens Fashion Film Festival 2020: When Ethics Meet Aesthetics

Fashion films are the new medium used by fashion to express itself in the complex digital environment of today. In these short films, visual arts are combined with music and current ethical-oriented and poetic narration, to “tell the story” of the brand in a profoundly artistic manner, communicating at the same time the latest trends in the art of cinematography, given to us by talented and innovative filmmakers.

Athens Fashion Film Festival is all about them and returns this February, with its 2nd edition, titled “When Ethics Meet Aesthetics”. The festival is a gathering for renowned creatives and professionals in the fields of fashion, cinema, art and environment, an independent event in constant dialogue and collaboration with the international fashion film festival circuit, that has grown to include more than 40 countries around the world. Its programme includes more than a 100 short fashion films and documentaries in competition, special tributes, panel discussions and masterclasses, aiming to offer the Greek and international public an overview of the latest trends and ideas, as well as to trace and explore the relationship between the fascinating industries of film and fashion.

An annual cultural meeting point, where fashion films from all over the world are presented and testify the talent and individuality of their authors. And the best of them will be awarded, by a jury of fashion & film aficionados.

ΑthensFFF wishes to gradually develop into a dynamic market, that will evolve and progress along with the festival and thus provide film production companies and business people the perfect opportunity to meet with young or established creative talents, get to know and understand each other, exchange ideas and finally work together to bring more beauty, inspiration and vision into our lives.

The 2nd AthensFFF is held with the generous support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, the City of Athens, Ambasciata d’ Italia ad Atene, Tempo Forte and Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Atene.
Join us and embrace this year’s festival motto: Beauty Will Save The World!

14 February, 2020 to 16 February, 2020

*** Important info

Entrance in all events is free (in order of priority)
Opening ceremony – screening of Luca Guadagnino’s film
“The Staggering Girl”: by invitation only

All screenings are in English, or with English subtitles

In all panels and speeches, there will be simultaneous interpreting

The masterclass by Adriano De Santis will be in English (no translation)

14 February 2020


16:00 – 18.30
MASTERCLASS by Adriano De Santis

“Fashion film: From idea to implementation”

Including a screening of fashion films of his choice

20:00 – Doors open to audience

(by invitation only)

Curators: Michalis Pantos & Nicole Alexandropoulos

20:50 – Opening speeches and official greetings

“The Staggering Girl”, directed by Luca Guadagnino
Duration: 35′

Cocktail party at the Amphitheater foyer

15 February 2020


12:30 – 12:40
(Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation – Duration: 10′)

12:45 – 14:15
PANEL DISCUSSION: Heritage & Ethics in Fashion
Co-curated by AthensFFF & Fashion Revolution Greece
Introduction: Nicole Alexandropoulos
Speakers: Aggeliki Giannakidou, Aggeliki Kosmopoulou, Laskaris,
Antonis Mavropoulos, Tonia Sotiropoulou, Fiori Zafeiropoulou
Panel moderator: Joanne Sawicki

Ethical & Green

“Why Story Mfg. Travels 5,000 Miles For Craftsmanship” by Jacopo Maria Cinti | Mr. Porter
“Osariya” by Calvin Chinthaka
“The Unseen” by William Far & Jon Emmony | Nowness
“Legacy” by João Sousa | Parfois
“La Mer” by Victor Claramunt | North Sails
“Ave Paraíso” by Román Reyes
“Fashion in the Dark I” by Emily Ford – Halliday
“Fashion in the Dark II” by Emily Ford – Halliday

16:00- 17:30

A. Citizen Habits

“Z Zegna” by Giacomo Boeri | Z Zegna
“Roses” by Stephen Rutterford | PRESS
“Where Is Sunnei?” by Van Khokhlov | Sunnei
“DISCORD” by Zion Lacroix | Boo Pala
“Reflection” by Daniel Roché, Sermed Darah | Various
“Too Lazy to Be a Punk (Plastic)” by Hanna Torhashyna (Anita Tor) | Veikko De Luxe
“Of Course a Horse” by Giorgos Lanthimos | Gucci
“The Arrangement” by Bret Easton Ellis | Saint Laurent
“Sneakers Maker” by Federico Mazzarisi | Golden Goose
“Eyes on the City – Brighton” by Federico Mazzarisi | C.P. Company
“Eyes on the City – Tokyo” by Federico Mazzarisi | C.P. Company
“Molly” by Antoin Sohier | Obsimo

B. Portraits

“Divo SS20” by Andrei Kovalev | Infundimbulum
“Billy” by Francisco Gonzalez-Sendino | Nowness
“Luo Yang’s ‘Girls’” by Julien Colonna | Dazed
“One Day Go Be One Day” by Akinola Davies Jr | Carhartt WIP, Dazed
“The Dreamers: Katia and Marielle Labèque” by Fiona Burgess | Nowness, Burberry
“72 hours in André Balazs’ Chateau Marmont with Kenneth Anger” by Floria Sigismondi | System Magazine, Gucci
“Vogue Beirut” by Helene Dancer

“Divino Inferno – Rodin and the Gates of Hell”, directed by Bruno Aveillan
Duration: 60’

Introduction: Rick Porras

DIALOGUE: Rick Porras & Nicole Alexandropoulos
How the film industry creates fashion trends and vice versa

FILM SCREENING: “Make/Believe”, directed by Konstantinos Menelaou
(a personal portrait of Matthew Zorpas)
Duration: 46’

20:45 – 21:00
DIALOGUE: Matthew Zorpas, Diane Pernet & Konstantinos Menelaou
The role of social media marketing in the fashion industry – Are influencers the philosophers of modern era?
Moderator: Alex Kavdas
Q&A will follow

21:30 – 22:15
Tribute to director Matt Lambert
Introduction: Konstantinos Menelaou & Nicole Alexandropoulos
Co-curated by Queer Archive Festival & AthensFFF

22:30 – 24:00

A. Inclusion

“A Club Called Rhonda” by Greg Ferro | Rhonda Club
“Nirvana” by Jess Kohl | Nowness
“The Gift” by Roman Valent | Miklosko
“Virile” by Moses Sumnay | Moses Sumnay
“Back to Life – Rethinking the Black Presence within British History” by Akinola Davis Jr.
“Black Angel” by Rhea Dillon | No Sesso
“Screentest LA” by Sandro Suppnig | Wolk Morais
“Disco” by Pammi-Joy Oppenheimer | Disco Casting
“Margaux Vol. 1” by Daniel Iglesias Jr.
“Saturn Is Not That Far Away” by Roger Guardia | Stella McCartney
“The Rite” by Adam Csoka Keller | Nowness
“Princess” by Michelle Bizzi

B. Athens FFF- Empowering Women Part 1

“Extraordinary Normality” by Federico Mazzarisi | Stella McCartney
“Virtual Embalming” by Frederick Heyman | Nowness
“The Path She Walks” by Marloes ten Bhomer | Kyoto D-Lab
“Ophelia” by Hadi Moussally | Yumi Katsura
“Cellophane” by Andrew Thomas Huang | FKA Twigs
“Dances with Circles” by Paul McLean
“BOUCAN – Sweet Drift” by Gabriel Dugué, Hugo Kerr
“Build Me” by Ruben Reyes
“Cry” by Carlos A. Hurtado

16 February 2020


11:00 – 12:30

A. Student Fashion Films

“Neon” by Eirini Lampiri
“Victory of the rising sun” by Daniella Meroz
“Interstices” by Naomé Nazire Tahmaz, Felix Krause | Naomé Nazire Tahmaz
“Cactus” by Lídia Milette Artigas
“Tomorrow Maybe – a film about you and me” by Anna Fechtig | Dick Moby
“Breaking the glass ceiling” by Carlota Bianchi
“Falcon Rise Winter” by Andres O’Beirne | DR14
“Firm Land” by Maria Leyba, Mikaela Martinez | Terraferma
“Z7F” by Reema Abdulghaffar | Various
“The Viscous Creature Walks Barefoot Between My Lungs” by Carolina Melgarejo – Carolina Melgarejo
“House of Liberty” by Guilherme Yoshida | Carolina Melgarejo
“Stranger than Paradise” by Andres O’Beirne, Chris Daus | Nice as Heck
“Vivid Dream” by Comewell Puplampu
“Retrospectiva” by Adrián Nogales | Daniela Mircea
“The Foster Sisters” by Victimes | Salvatore Vignola, Ilariusss, Fabio Rusconi
“Unique Like You” by Alice Fassi | Sniff Sniff Perfume
“Temple of Eternity” by Gabriel Becker | Julied Estelle

B. Athens FFF – Empowering Women Part 2

“Queen” by Marianna Perianova aka Yagama, Ilina Perianova
“Process” by Rhea Dillon | Nowness
“The Best in You. Bring it On.” by Nina Aaldering | Wehkamp
“Joana Dark” by Ava Rocha | Ava Rocha
“Olympia” by Giulia Achenza |Various
“All is Love” by Mollie Mills | Stella McCartney
“De Aqui No Sales“ by Kunst & Mau Morgó | Rosalia

12:45 – 13:30 –
PANEL DISCUSSION: Empowering women’s talent

Speakers: Nicole Alexandropoulos, Jenny Balatsinou, Stella Doka,
Makis Gazis, Katerina Sarri

13:45 – 15:30

A. Athens FFF- Empowering Women Part 3

“Juste Un Autre Film De Mode” by Ian Bulgach
“Digital Content” by Matthew Frost | Vogue
“That Hat” by Jon Tan
“Nouvelle Vague” by Omar Perineau |DA/DA Diane Ducasse
“Boomerang” by Matthew Frost
“Lo siento, mi amor” by Eduardo Casanova | The Stoat

B. Travel

“Matesong” by Various | Australia
“Le Renard Bleu” by Partel Oliva | Kenzo
“Jil Sander – Spring/Summer 2019” by Mario Sorrenti | Jil Sander
“A Night in Shanghai” by Wing Shya | Saint Laurent
“Never Standing Still” by Dean Alexander | Hong Kong Ballet
“Panarea” by Dimitri Tsvetkov |American Apparel
“Welcome to Milan” by Giacomo Boeri, Matteo Grimaldi | CNMI
“Hotel MFW” by The Blink Fish | CNMI
“Axelle & Julien x Charlie le Mindu” by Axelle & Julien | Charlie le Mindu
“Sister Cities” by Jimmy Marble | MGallery
“Abre Asas” by Bruno Osório, Carlos Mach, Paulo Mendel | FARM
“Here” by João Sousa | Parfois
“Kokosmos” by Anna Radchenko |, AVA11, Go Authentic, Anya Komyagina
“A Last Supper” by Aaron Duffy, Marcus Wainwright, Marissa Kraxberger and Christine Jones | rag n bone
“The Lift” by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen | Bianco

16:00 – 16:45

Greek Fashion Films

“Indigo” by ApnEa Art Collective
“Zeroside” by Elena Bonelli
“Parthenis BASIC” by Constantino Mass | Parthenis
“AW 19-20” by Leonidas Germanopoulos | Parthenis
“Oceanic Feeling” by Ros Georgiou | Narciso Rodriguez
“Hyped” by Alkis Papastathopoulos
“Zeus + Dione Brand Values” by Constantinos Dimas | Zeus + Dione
“Charmolypi” by D. Milinkovic Clauss | Angie Andritsopoulou
“12” by Mara Desypri
“Insane” by Mara Desypri
“DOCA FW19-20” by Dimitris Tsatsoulis | DOCA

17:00 – 18:45
“We Margiela”, directed by Menna Laura Meijer
Duration: 99’

19:00 – 19:45

CONVERSATION: Uniform, order and chaos
(The uniform’s concept in design, the justice system, the arts and pop culture)
Curator – Moderator: Efi Falida
Speakers: Angelos Bratis, Dionysis Kavvathas, Kostis Velonis

Shafi Style (designer Shafigheh Qias)


From 16:00
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