Athens Photo Festival 2019
Benaki Museum
138 PIREOS ST, Piraeus Str, 11854

Athens Photo Festival 2019


Athens Photo Festival 2019 will be inaugurated on Thursday 13 June (8.30 pm) at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138. The main exhibitions reflect the diversity of contemporary photography, featuring recent works by 100 emerging and established artists from 32 countries, 10 multimedia projects and a wide selection of photobooks.

Constantly reinventing itself, Athens Photo Festival, furthers its long-standing commitment to encouraging diversity, inclusion, creativity and critical thinking, with the aim to challenge the boundaries and experience of a traditional festival of photography. Through its expanded programming, Athens Photo Festival is committed to offering a dynamic platform for exchange of ideas, artistic expression and engagement with photography in all its forms.

13 June, 2019 to 28 July, 2019

Exploring critical issues of our times, the festival attempts to bring together a range of different perspectives from emerging and established artists and photographers from all over the world with the aim to raise awareness and foster an understanding of contemporary culture and society through photography in all its forms. The exhibition program of the festival is comprised of a series of solo and group exhibitions, presenting a wide variety of works, ranging from fine art to documentary and photojournalism, photo-based installations to multimedia.


Terje Abusdal (NO), Liza Ambrossio (MX/ES/FR), Marwan Bassiouni (CH), Charles-Henry Bédué (FR), Jacques Brun (CH), Bubi Canal (ES), Alejandra Carles – Tolra (ES), Valeria Cherchi (IT), Chow and Lin (MY/SG), Annick Donkers (BE), Alinka Echeverría (MX/UK), Anna Ehrenstein (DE/AL), John Paul Evans (UK), Takis Zerdevas, Zoi Pirini, Yiasemi Rapti, Makis Faros, Yioula Hatzigeorgiou (GR), Vincent Ferrané (FR), Cristina Galán (ES), Weronika Gęsicka (PL), Μαριάννα Ιγνατάκη (GR), Ina Jang (KR), Sophie Kahn (AU/US), Stelios Kallinikou (CY), Alexandros Katsis (GR), Charlotte Krieger (CH), Matjaz Krivic (SL), Manon Lanjouère (FR), Namsa Leuba (CH), Olivier Lovey (CH), Romain Mader (CH), Alix Marie (FR), Shinya Masuda (JP), Simon Menner (DE), Nikola Mihov (BG), Dimitris Mytas (GR), Sina Niemeyer (DE), Βασίλης Νούλας & Κώστας Τζημούλης (GR), Kim Nuijen (NL), Gloria Oyarzabal (ES), Sara Palmieri (IT), Μυρτώ Παπαδοπούλου (GR), Klaus Pichler (AT), Nina Roeder (DE), Alessia Rollo (IT), Chloe Rosser (UK), Marina Rosso / Fabrica (IT), Irina Rozovsky (US), Robert Schittko (DE), Fabian Schubert (DE), Daniel Szalai (HU), Edouard Taufenbach (FR), Danila Tkachenko (RU), Marinos Tsagarakis (GR), Ana Teresa Vicente (PT), Guanyu Xu (CN), Ksenia Yurkova (RU), Kostis Fokas (GR)


The exhibition "Young Greek Photographers" attempts to highlight the best photographic production of young artists aged 18-35

With the participation of: Eleni Arletou, Nikos Georgaras, Ilias Georgiadis, Sophia Gaafar, Vagelis Daskalakis, Penelope Thomaides, Antigone Metaxaki, Demosthenis Banavas, Vasilis Ntaopoulos, Vasilis Pantelides, Areta Peristeri, Nikos Pretoras, Katerina Tsakiri, Giorgos Christopoulos


In recognition of the increasing importance of the role of the photobook in contemporary visual culture, Athens Photo Festival will present once again an exhibition dedicated to the form of book. The Festival features a selection of over 200+ new photobooks from all over the world, including photobooks independently or commercially published and distributed, handmade, self-published, book dummies, exhibition catalogues, zines and limited edition photography books, etc.


Exhibitions of the Festival extend to 10 other venues in Athens.

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Hellenic Center of Photography
Thuesday & Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00, Friday & Saturday:10:00 - 22:00, Monday - Wednseday: closed
7 € | 5 € (reduced)
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