Bubble Jam
Onassis Stegi
107 Syngrou Avenue, Neos Kosmos, 11745

Bubble Jam


Daniel Wetzel (Rimini Protokoll)

The interactive installation “Bubble Jam” leads a group into an experiment with itself. On this digital stage, the characters don’t exist in space, but on our screens. We follow and respond to their messages. Who is it on the other end? And who are we in this cloud?

24 November, 2018 to 21 April, 2019

“Who is on the other end of the internet and what are the processes between us when communicating online?" Asking this question, Daniel Wetzel, founding member of the internationally acclaimed Rimini Protokoll, sets up an interactive installation for the peers of YouTube; for those who use messengers despite the age restriction; for the upcoming generation of digital natives.
We, as is usually in theatre, meet in the same space, yet this time a large part of the stage design has been converted into code. An interactive play and an experiment among us, Bubble Jam invites its visitors to act as members of a cloud that explores itself. How are joint decisions made? What happens when algorithms enter that process? And who or what do we “like” and “follow”?


Concept and Direction: Daniel Wetzel
Written by: Daniel Wetzel, Nikolas Hanakoulas, Giorgos Panagiotakis
Space: Dido Gkogkou
Light: Guy Stefanou
Software system design and implementation: Dimitris Trakas (ViRA)
Graphics: Dimitris Trakas, Renia Papathanasiou (ViRA)
Sound design and programming: Lambros Pigounis
Script editors: Andreas G. Andreou, Kostis Kapidakis
Project coordinator: Nikos Voyatzis
Trainee: Kristin Brechler
Assistant space designer: Iliana Kaladami
Assistant sound designer: Stefanos Siminelakis
Consultant-psychologist: Florentia Bakomitrou
Production management: Juliane Männel (Rimini Protokoll), Yalena Kleidara (Apparat Athen)
Technical director (Rimini Protokoll): Martin Schwemin
Photo © Stavros Habakis 
In the code: Andreas G. Andreou, Dimitris Trakas
In the crowd: Nikolas Hanakoulas, Kostis Kapidakis 
Special thanks to: Daphne Aidoni, Alexandra Bousiou, Sebastian Drews, Barbara Ehnes, Martha Foka, Dimitris Kalakidis, Marilena Katranidou, Eleni Kolovou, Arianna Kontopanou, Dimitris Lianos, Aimilia Panagiotaki, Victoria Panagiotaki, Jean Peters, Ilias Pantazis, Michalis Papantonopoulos, Natasha Tsintikidi, Mary Voyatzaki, Zoi Wetzel

Produced by: Onassis Stegi and Rimini Apparat
Co-producer: The Cultural Schoolbag Norway / DKS Asker (Asker municipality)
Using technology and elements that have been developed for the Rimini Protokoll Project “Dreaming Collectives. Tapping Sheep”, written by Daniel Wetzel and Ioanna Valsamidou  (Staatstheater Dresden and others, 2017).

For teenagers 12+ years old with or without parents

5th floor - Young Theatre Workshop
1 hour and 10 minutes
Evening performances for the public: Saturday & Sunday | 19:00 & Morning performances for schools: Thursday & Friday | 11:00
5-12 €
Special remarks: 
Reservations are accepted
Credit cards are accepted
Wheelchair accessible
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