Eleni Peta - Yannis Mathés Syggένεια πρόject
Megaron the Athens Concert Hall
Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens, 11521

Eleni Peta - Yannis Mathés Syggένεια πρόject


Megaron: concerts in the garden
Eleni Peta - Yannis Mathés
Syggένεια πρόject

22 JUNE 2019 | 21:00

22 June, 2019

Eleni Peta, one of the most important interpreters of her generation, and talented interpreter-composer Yannis Mathés meet for the first time in the Megaron Garden. A continuous onstage dialogue where a foreign and a Greek bossa nova, a Portuguese fado and an Epirote song, a tarantella and a Thracian tune are intertwined, while Piazzolla’s rhythmic melodies coexist with the atmospheric charm of Hadjidakis.

Yannis Kafetzopoulos piano-keyboards
Kostas Smonos guitars
George Pappas oud, lute, mandolin
Christos Kyriazis saxophone
Yannis Playannakos double bass
Vasilis Giaslakiotis drums
George Pappas & Yannis Mathés orchestrations
Manos Sagris & Yannis Mathés programme supervision

Organization / Production: 
Megaron the Athens Concert Hall, Akanthos
Ticket is required
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