Exhibition '160 years made in Greece' - Side Events
Technopolis City of Athens
100, Pireos st., Gazi, 11854

Exhibition '160 years made in Greece' - Side Events


Exhibition '160 years made in Greece. Industry, Innovation, Novelty'
Side Events

By having a better knowledge of our past, we can hold an open dialogue with the present and, more importantly, the future of the Greek Industry, through a series of side events that will take place in partnership with INNOVATHENS Powered by Samsung, the Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Technopolis City of Athens. The program includes debates, presentations, workshops for the economy, the administration and the management of industrial plants, the innovations, the human factor on the industries, the cultural re-use of Greek factories etc.

Thursday, February 15th (18.00-20.00)
'A retrospective look at the critical moments and evotution of Greek Industry.'
A talk by
- Christina Agriantoni, Emeritus Lecturer of Modern History, University of Thessaly
- Chrisafis Iordanoglou, Emeritus Lecturer, Panteion University
- Yiannis Kalogirou, Professor, School of Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

Wednesday, February 28th (18.00-20.00)
'Novelty in Greek Industry', part. I
A talk by
- Dr. Ioannis Kaplanis, General Manager, Industrial Property Organisation
- Lefteris Makras, Research and Development Manager, E.J. Papadopoulos SA

About the exhibition '160 years made in Greece. Industry, Innovation, Novelty'
A trip to the Greek Industry
Technopolis City of Athens and the Industrial Gas Museum present the historical exhibition '160 years made in Greece. Industry, Innovation, Novelty' from January until March 2018 bringing out -for the first time to that extent- the industrial development in Greece, for the period 1860-1970 and how it has evolved so far.

15 February, 2018 to 22 March, 2018

*Admission to the side events is free with a valid exhibition ticket, on a first-come, first-served basis

Exhibition dates: 18th January to 25th March 2018
Operating Hours:
Tuesday-Friday, 12.00-20.00
Saturday& Sunday, 11.00-20.00

General Entrance: 4 euro
Reduced Entrance (unemployed, school children aged 6-18 years old, students): 2,5 euro

Reservations: 2130109325

12.00-20.00 & 11.00-20.00
4€ / 2.5€
Special remarks: 
Wheelchair accessible
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