Fighting for Peace: Greece – Italy – Spain in the 1980s
Hellenic Parliament Foundation
11, Vas. Sophias av. (entrance from Sekeri str.), Syntagma square, 106 71

Fighting for Peace: Greece – Italy – Spain in the 1980s


With posters, pictures, specialized publications, articles and further documentation from public and private collections from Greece and abroad, the exhibition reveals the multidimensional aspect of peace protests in Southern Europe of the 1980s.

15 November, 2018 to 31 March, 2019

The exhibition presents the antiwar movement in Southern Europe, through a multilayer historical retrospection of the 1980s. The aftermath of the devastating Second World War and the emergence of the Cold War saw thousands of people rallying around the cause of peace and disarmament, thus becoming the core of massive political activism and building new ideological and political identities. During the nuclear weapons crisis peoples not only in the South but also in the whole Europe, attempted to review their past, present and future; their strong mobilization against the installation of new nuclear weapons in Europe depicted the rapid social, cultural and technological transformations of the time that concurred with the wide spread fear of nuclear devastation. This fact gave global impetus to a massive and strong antiwar movement, in close relation with other movements of the time, such as the youth, the feminist, the trades unions, the environmental, which affected profoundly societies and political agendas.

November 2018-March 2019
Daily: 9.00-16.00, Thursday & Friday 9.00-20.00, Weekend 10.00-15.00
Free entrance
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