Full Moon Fiesta
Technopolis City of Athens
100, Pireos str., Gazi, 11854

Full Moon Fiesta


Full Moon Fiesta: A summer date with
Katerine Duska and Minor Project
at Technopolis
Watch the full moon rise while listening to music selections
by Matina Sous Peau

Wednesday, 17th July 2019
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Are you looking forward to going on vacation, but you have some (quite a few actually) days still in Athens?
Do you dream of a walk with your friends under the full moon?
Wouldn’t it be great to gaze up at the sky while listening to the music of your favorite Greek artists and dancing?
Summer is here and…
Full Moon Fiesta is loading, people!

Are you looking for a place to view the full moon from? Look no further! Full Moon Fiesta, the summer festival that has become something of an institution, is coming for the 4th consecutive year at Technopolis City of Athens. Prepare yourselves for a date under the full moonlight! Right before our summer vacation, on a working day, we set off on a fantastic journey and plunge into the most entertaining party of the city. On Wednesday, 17 July 2019, KaterineDuska, Minor Project, and Matina Sous Peau are coming with a batch of fresh sounds and dance songs to keep us cool in the heat of the summer and travel us to exotic destinations for a while...And guess what! We won’t be even needing a ticket!
A few months after her participation in the Eurovision song contest, KaterineDuska, who drew all eyes to her and won the hearts of us all, will appear on stage for the first time at this big summer festival, for a long-awaited live performance! The full moon sky and the girl with the “One in a million”voice, the ultimate soulful timbre, and the radio hit“Better Love” are expected to cause nothing less than a stir at Technopolis on the night of July 17. Set to take us on an ethereal musical journey to remember, the Greek-Canadian singer and songwriter, who has some enviable collaborations with internationally acclaimed artistsunder her belt, including LP, Tom Baxter, YasmineHamdan, Oddisee, and Kadebostany, will perform her own songs as well as popular and favourite cover versions. Technopolis’ illuminated chimneys and the perfectly round moon seem to be –and most definitely will be– theperfect setting!
Earlier the same night, the band Minor Project with its indie-oriented crossover repertoire consisting of songs with both English and Greek lyrics will add to the amazing musical combo of the Full Moon Fiesta. Minor Project’s songs give off a nostalgic cinematic vibe that brings summer images and carefree daysto mind. All of us got the tune of the dreamy “In Colors” stuck in our heads at some point, thus explaining why it remained in the top 3 on the Shazam and itunesGR charts for so long!The band has teamed up with many distinguished artists and takes us on a trip out on the sea with songs such as“Ekdromi”, the result of a special collaboration with DimitraGalani,and “From Folegandros to Kos”. Minor Project have become a firm favourite with radio listeners and audiences who have seen them perform live and they will be joining us this summer night at Technopolis to talk to us about our very favouritecolors and unexpected journeys.
The fiesta will open with a super groovy dj set by Matina Sous Peau who returns to Technopolis after the unforgettable Let’s be late! dance event that took place in March at the Industrial Gas Museum. She promises once again to get us singing and moving along her creative mashups and our beloved dance hits. The DJ/music producer, who has managed to win over the Greek audience at jam-packed parties taking place across Athens, could not be absent from the ultimate summer event!
Sweet summer vibes, full moon, music, your friends, and...a super festive mood are waiting for you at the Full Moon Fiesta! Unless you are already on an island, you can’t miss it!

When: Wednesday, 17 July 2019
Where:Technopolis City of Athens
Doors open at 19:30
Line up:
20:00 | Matina Sous PeauDj set
21:15 | Minor Project
22:30 | KaterineDuska

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About KaterineDuska
She is a Greek-Canadian singer/songwriter currently based in Athens. Her debut album “Embodiment” was released in 2016 by Minos EMI / Universal, and in 2018 her single “Fire Away” was selected for the official Nescafé Canada television ad campaign. Her musical style is characterized by dark sonic timbres boasting influences from Lykke Li, Banks and Jessie Ware, whereas her distinctive singing has earned her comparisons to Amy Winehouse. Katerine rose to prominence with her hit song "One in a Million" and her cover of Arctic Monkeys' "Do I Wanna Know", reaching over 2 million views on YouTube. She has collaborated with LP, Albin Lee Meldau, Tom Baxter, YasmineHamdan, Oddisee, Kadebostany and has performed at prestigious venues and festivals across Greece and Europe as well as in the Sofarsound’s /Amnesty International’s global festival “Give a home” where she was one of the 300+ artists to participate in support of the refugees across the world. Earlier this year, she represented Greece in the 64th Eurovision Song Contest with her song Better Love, which she co-wrote with Leon of Athens and David Sneddon.KaterineDuska is currently signed to Minos EMI / Universal Music Group.

About Minor Project
The band was formed in Patras by a group of friends studying at the university and pursuing their passion for music on the side. The English-language song “In Colors” became an audience favourite over the past five years and remained in the Top 3 of Shazam and iTunes Greek Charts for several weeks, making it even to No. 1, while a series of concerts and collaborations with well-known artists such as Tom Baxter, HarisAlexiou, DimitraGalani, 2 Cellos, Marietta Fafouti, etc. has brought Minor Project closer to the Athenian audience.
The band was well received by Greek radio stations, and the concertgoers of Athens had the chance to get to know its music throughlive shows. Moreover, Minor Project dove into the world of Greek music,bringing forward diverse projects. They covered ApostolosKaldaras’ song “Tis Amartias to Strati”,andotherold classics such as “OdosOneiron” and “TosaKalokairia” by Manos Hadjidakis and MimisPlessas respectively, which seem to have won over the audiences and to have become quite distinctive of their sound.
A few years after the release of their debut album, and with their second album on its way, Minor Project got back in the recording studio for the collaboration of their album’s composer and singer, EfstathiosDrakos, with DimitraGalani and Nikos Moraitis. At the end of 2015, they released the song "Silver" featuring Sextet Nouveau, and in 2018 they dropped their first song with Greek lyrics entitled “From Folegandors to Kos”.

About Matina Sous Peau

Matina Sous Peau (MatinaThroumoulopoulou) is a musician, producer, DJ, and singer. She was born and raised in Yannena, where she studied classical violin and afterwards moved to Athens to study Architecture. She has participated in many music projects with various bands both as a musician (Monitor, Papercut and Dusk)and a singer(My Drunken Haze and The Blue Square). She also creates imaginative mashups and covers based on tracks of various genres, some of which have received airplay on radio stations both in Greece and abroad.

17 July, 2019

When: Wednesday, 17 July 2019
Where:Technopolis City of Athens
Doors open at 19:30
Line up:
20:00 | Matina Sous PeauDj set
21:15 | Minor Project
22:30 | KaterineDuska

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20.00 - 00.00
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Wheelchair accessible
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