Lepage au Soleil: à l’origine de Kanata
Institut Français de Grèce
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Lepage au Soleil: à l’origine de Kanata


Hélène Choquette
Lepage au Soleil: à l’origine de Kanata

Documentary screening
In the spring of 2016, for the first time in 54 years, Ariane Mnouchkine entrusted her troupe, the Théâtre du Soleil, to another director. Robert Lepage went on to create Kanata, a play that focuses on the interaction of Europeans with the indigenous peoples of Canada in the course of two centuries. Lepage and the actors were working on the performance for two years. Before it even premiered, Kanata came under fire as rumours began to spread, initially in the Canadian media and later in Europe and the United States, that the show’s creators hadn’t directly consulted with the Aboriginal Canadians.

8 July, 2019

Directed by Hélène Choquette
Written by Hélène Choquette, Sophie Mangado
Produced by Anne-Marie Gélinas
Cinematography Hélène Choquette, Yoan Cart, Philippe Lavalette
Sound Olivier Léger
Editing Mélanie Chicoine
Sound concept Daniel Toussaint
Music Anthony Rozankovic

The performance Kanata-Episode 1 - La controverse  will be presented at the Athens Concert Hall (Alexandra Trianti Hall) on 13 - 15 July, in the context of Athens & Epidaurus festival

Organization / Production: 
Institut Français de Grèce, Athens & Epidauros Festival
Institut français (Auditorium)
In French with Greek subtitles
Free admission tickets on a first-come, first-served basis
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