Michael Prodanou: Works
Benaki Museum / Pireos 138
138 Pireos str. & Andronikou, Piraeus Str, 115 54

Michael Prodanou: Works


The Benaki Museum, in accordance with the recent announcement by the Ministry of Culture for the safeguard of public health, will remain closed for the public until Monday 30 March.

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7 March, 2020 to 24 May, 2020

Prodanou’s paintings show passion, figures with other figures, strengths and weaknesses, all part of the human condition.

During his architectural school years and practice, Michael Prodanou dealt with proportion, volume, and space, as well as technical issues relating to building construction. When he started drawing figures, the technical issues became less important and he dealt with composition, movement, and emotion, issues not usually related to architecture. He also decided that he wasn’t just drawing the figure in front of him, but more importantly, he was drawing what the figure was doing. Prodanou was less interested in academic skill, but more in showing the dynamics of the pose and responding to it on a personal level. Expressing that energy with different levels of marks and tools, charcoal and water, cloth and sponge, became his main goal. Add paint and colour, and that is the ignition that elevates the drawing to a different level of interest and emotion.

Benaki Museum / 138 Pireos St.
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