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Omar Rajeh - Maqamat

Is it possible for an entire city to die, along with its values, history and culture? Could a dead city ever be revived? For a thousand years, the minaret of the Great Mosque in Aleppo rose over the largest city in Syria. Today, only ruins stand in its place. #minaret, a performance by the Lebanese choreographer Omar Rajeh, one of the most acclaimed dance artists in the Middle East, is an act of resistance against the destruction of one of the oldest cities on Earth, combining contemporary dance with visual arts and the musical tradition of Aleppo

25 June, 2019 to 26 June, 2019

#minaret takes us into the heart of the ravaged city, digging up its cultural and artistic heritage and confronting us with the meaning of catastrophe today, as we are inundated on a daily basis with numbing images of decimation of entire cities. Rajeh draws on the memories of the destruction of his home city, Beirut, seeking the thread connecting contemporary Aleppo with the ruined cities of the past. Since 2002, Rajeh and his group Maqamat have been instrumental in the development of contemporary dance in the Middle East, organising the BIPOD (Beirut International Platform of Dance) festival, currently on its 16th edition.

25 June / Post-performance talk with the choreographer

Concept - Choreographer Omar Rajeh 
Performers Antonia Kruschel, Charlie Prince, Mia Habis, Moonsuk Choi, Yamila Khodr, Omar Rajeh 
Composition Mahmoud Turkmani - Pablo Palacio 
Voice Naim Asmar 
Live music Joss Turnbull (percussion) Mahmoud Turkmani (oud), Pablo Palacio (interactive sonification), Ziad El Ahmadie (oud) 
Lighting design Guy Hoare 
Video Ygor Gama / Dafne Narvaez Berlfein
Drone operation Hadi Bou Ayash 
Costume design Mia Habis 
Technical director Christian Francois 
Sound engineer Philippe Balzé 
Tour management Jadd Tank 
Real Time Movement Analysis Technology Instituto Stocos
Production Omar Rajeh - Maqamat 

Organization / Production: 
Co-production HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden, BIPOD Festival, Romaeuropa Festival Support apap – advancing performing arts project, Tanzfabrik Berlin
Ticket is required
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