Open call for the In Progress Feedback Festival 2020
Athens, Athens, 12461

Open call for the In Progress Feedback Festival 2020

Performing Arts

The In Progress Feedback Festival (IPFF), the festival that focuses on the creative process and the relationship between the creator and her/his audience instead of being a product oriented process, will take place on March 27th-29th 2020 and April 3rd-5th 2020 in Athens.

28 November, 2019 to 26 December, 2019

Greek and foreign artists who live in Greece are invited to send their applications before December 26th 2019. Those who are interested should be available for rehearsals and performances from March 20th 2020 to April 5th 2020 (the exact 10 days between those dates will be announced soon).

In progress Feedback Festival is included amongst the best festivals in Europe by the EFFE International Jury (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe,

The main aim of the In Progress Feedback Festival is research, experimentation and the ways through which the in progress projects are affected. The uniqueness of the IPFF is located in its two very crucial functions: the development of the work and the feedback on it. Functions which demand awareness, risk and continuous development of the craft.

Trying out various approaches without the pressure of a production’s final outcome while being in touch with the spectators directly through interactive discussions, questionnaires and other imaginative ways of idea-exchanging processes, the participants will receive the feedback which will lead them to a complete performance in the near future.

This year’s thematic umbrella for all of Kinitiras’ activities is THE TRANSITION.

The piece – the company which will win the jury’s award will receive an amount as a financial support for their upcoming production, while the company which will win the audience’s award will receive a month’s residency for the completion of its research.

The existence of a festival such as the In Progress Feedback Festival (IPFF) gives the opportunity to the society, its creators and the people who support it to coexist, to influence each other and develop with freedom and respect to each other’s differences. It is also an important breeding ground for expression, mutual support and inspiration through research and performing arts.

Theatre and dance atists and companies can participate in this competitive festival with projects of 10′-15′ that are still in progress. The on stage artists should be from one to four and props cannot be bigger than 1m x 1m.

Kinitiras will offer to the selected groups*:
– Promotion / Advertising
– Technical assistance
– Two indoor rehearsals in each group
– Mentoring during rehearsals if requested.

Applications’ deadline: 26/12/2019, midnight (Greek time)

You can fill in the application here.

*Travel expenses and accommodation are covered by the artists.

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