What is time? How is it possible to walk so slowly but travel so fast? Can someone’s time be stolen? And who is that little girl with the strange name who has the fate of the world in her hands?...
“From the Silence of the Display Case to Living Theatrical Voices” is the Benaki Museum’s partnership with the National Theatre of Greece in a pioneering project that challenges Greek cultural norms...
The story of Alexander the Great, one of the most prominent figures of world history is staged in Hellenic Cosmos for the theatrical winter season 2017-18. The play is based on the titular book of...
Gorky's holiday makers cannot stop talking, complaining, arguing, rambling, but in no time at all they'll be forced to take a stance on social injustice and the change that's on its way... Will they...
Neos Kosmos
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A play dedicated to the life of the great Greek musician and singer Stelios Kazantzidis. The play, based on Panos Yfanti's book "Stelios Kazantzidis. The footprints of a myth", presents his early...
 A view from the bridge by Arthur Miller ZILLER BUILDING - MAIN STAGE One of the most iconic plays of the twentieth century comes to the National for the first time, brought to the stage in...
How is a DNA test performed? Why is an ultraviolet light bulb always useful at the scene of a crime? How does technology help detect a crime and what does a 3d... scanner? These are just some of...
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Operatic Shadow Theater Theater Our successful performance The Return of Karagiozis to his Homeland continues its tour in the 2017-2018 artistic season after a series of performances in squares,...
Ancient tragedy as a rock show. The director Aris Biniaris plugs the Bacchae into the mains and puts the divine Dionysus in front of the mike.
Neos Kosmos
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