Art Vouveau


Art Vouveau Τheatre Company has been active since 2013 exploring the connections between silent movies and physical theatre.
Company members are the actors: Aphrodite Kleovoulou, Thanassis Megalopoulos, Phoevos Symeonidis and Danai Tikou, musician Yiannis Seleckos and director-actor-acrobat Camilo Bentancor.
Art Vouveau has successfully showcased three theatre productions: “The Crutches”, “Back to Budejovice” and “First couple on the moon”. It has participated in many greek festivals as well as international ones such as the Balkan Theatre Festival of Bursa and Blacksea Theatre Festival of Trabzon in Turkey (2018 & 2019).
In addition, the company has carried out numerous workshops in diverse groups such as professional actors, teenagers, amateurs, etc. Participants are introduced in the basic techniques that Art Vouveau has developed through intense training throughout the years.

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