Challedu- inclusion | games | education

Neos Kosmos
Pitheou 81, 11743, Athens

Challedu- inclusion | games | education, pioneers new models of learning, inclusion and engagement. Its team consists of educators, teachers, game designers, developers and other experts, who design playful experiences and games with the aim to transform every activity into an irresistible experience. Our work empowers creativity of young people, inclusion of vulnerable groups, capacity building of trainers and empathy of society.
Examples of our work are: Mystery games (Detective stories and Farewell Anatolia with the support of Athens Book Capital 2018), BRIDGE- program focusing on creation of games for enhancing cognitive skills of people with dementia, ABI GAMES- program focusing on creation of games that enhance communication skills of children with autism, Educational programs in cooperation with schools, Athens Open Schools and other educational organizations.
In total, within our 2,5 years of operation, over 500 elderly and / or dementia patients have participated in our actions and workshops, 3800 primary and secondary school students, 100 teachers, 200 university students, 150 scientists, 100 individuals and children with disabilities.
Type of events:
Mystery games, Educational programs, Workshops for kids, Seminars, Games, Exhibitions, Events, Festivals

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