[FRMK] (Pharmakon)

Ithakis 24, 11257

FRMK is a biannual magazine in print, which is published in Athens, Greece, since 2013 by a group of poets, translators and visual artists. FRMK (which comes from the greek word “pharmako”) is composed on the basis of a dialogue between poetry, theory and visual arts and presents contemporary poetry from the Greek poetry scene, as well as poetry in translation from many different languages, mainly contemporary and post war poets (often for the first time in Greek).
Considering art as a unified field FRMK contains a visual arts section, which functions as an autonomous exhibition in print. The magazine also contains essays exploring the terms of poetics within the varied expressions of contemporary art which forms the physiognomy of our times. In its five years of publication FRMK magazine has published the work of 47 greek contemporary poets, 64 poets in translation from 12 languages in lengthy features, 60 visual artists, 22 essays in greek and in translation, as well as numerous reviews on poetry books. It has also featured an extended discussion in print between the poets of the editing board on matters of contemporary poetics which has been published in book form in 2018.
The magazine editing group has also organized and presented poetry plays, recitings, performances and discussions with the participation of many poets in galleries, theaters and bars and also in the International Athens visual arts fair (Art Athina) and in Thessaloniki international book fair.
Chief editor is the poet Katerina Iliopoulou and artistic director the visual artist Yiannis Isidorou whereas the editing board consists of the poets Vassilis Amanatidis, Orfeas Apergis, Iana Boukova, Theodore Chiotis, Panayiotis Ioannidis, Phoebe Giannisi.

Contact: frmkpoetry@gmail.com

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