Words [can] do it


We aim to make the words of poems heard. Since we believe that words can do some thing(s) – and that, through the live voice of those who write or read them, poems can regain –to quote Greek poet and critic Tellos Agras– “the specific weight of a small natural phenomenon”.
“Words [can] do it” (Me ta loyia [yinetai]), that started on 7 December 2011 in “Parapera” and now takes place at the Hellenic American Union, alternate two main types of poetry readings. Pairs of contemporary Greek poets of different generations present their ‘poetic self-portraits’; and foreign poems are presented by their translators, together with the originals read by a native speaker. The series are complemented by special events and homages, such as those to Emily Dickinson (2013, 2015), to Cavafy beyond the 154 poems of the ‘canon’ (2013), to William Carlos Williams (2014), Elizabeth Bishop (2015), Takis Papatsonis, Robert Duncan, Eleni Vakalo (2016), Marianne Moore, Nikos Engonopoulos and Zoe Karelli (2017), Ezra Pound, Andreas Kalvos, and Kostas Karyotakis with his contemporaries (2018), and to Robert Frost (2019).
Our aim is to promote poetry as a pleasurable auditory experience. In addition to our monthly poetry readings, from November to April, we have collaborated with “Asty” Group for a poetry walk in Athens, the major exhibition “GR80s” at Athens’ Technopolis, radio station “Kosmos 98.6” a.o..
Our website http://metalogiaginetai.blogspot.com/ serves as a summary archive. Please follow our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/me.ta.logia.ginetai/ and join our group https://www.facebook.com/groups/346327462065881/ for updtaes, news and direct communication!

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