Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece [MIET]

13 Thukydidou Str, 105 58, Athens

The Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece (widely known, by its Greek initials, as MIET) is one of the leading cultural institutions in Greece, with a continuous presence of over fifty years in the realm of letters and arts. In recent years the Foundation has expanded its action into the visual arts, establishing itself in the mind of the art-loving public with the exhibitions it organizes and presents at its cultural centres and bookstores in Athens and Thessaloniki as well as in collaboration with local cultural institutions in the rest of the country.

Most of the exhibitions are in-house productions, the fruits of painstaking research, and their presentation to the public is fully documented. Admission is free to all events, many of which are accompanied by a catalogue of the exhibition or other relevant publications.
The two cultural centres, the Eynard Mansion in Athens and Villa Kapantzis in Thessaloniki, host mainly the Foundation's major exhibitions.
Given over to MIET by the National Bank of Greece, the two buildings are architectural landmarks in their respective cities.

Cultural Centre of MIET in Athens: Eynard Mansion
20 Aghiou Konstantinou & Menandrou Sts, 104 31 Athens

Cultural Centre of MIET in Thessaloniki: Villa Kapantzis:
108 Vasilissis Olgas St., 546 43 Thessaloniki

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