Pushkin Institute

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The Pushkin Institute is the oldest and largest center in Greece for teaching and certifying the Russian language, as well as promoting Russian culture. The Institute is located in the center of Athens, and actively participates in contemporary educational and cultural life.
At the Pushkin Institute Russian language lessons are delivered to all ages, native and non-native Greek speakers. The Institute operates as a center for certifying knowledge of the Russian language, and it is the first center in the Western world to certify knowledge of Russian.
The Institute also specializes in teaching the Greek language to native Russian speakers. In the 1990s it contributed significantly to the adaption and assimilation into Greek society of thousands of repatriates from countries of the former USSR.
The Institute offers translating and interpreting services to individuals, companies, delegations, and organizations.
Its activities include thematic events, lectures, open discussions, publications, translations and book presentations, as well as subscriptions to specialized Russian scientific, cultural, and sports publications.
Cooperating with Greek and foreign educational and cultural establishments, diplomatic delegations and charitable foundations,the Institute brings thousands of people into contact with Russian culture.
It houses the most significant and largest Russian library in Greece (18,000 books).
The Institute supports theatrical and musical endeavours by young artists as well as artistic productions.
It grants scholarships to students and operates as an information and consulting centre regarding Russian educational and cultural matters.
The Institute contributed, as a training sponsor, to the successful organization of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

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