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Cross-Cultural Choir


The GNO's Multicultural choir will give a concert on Sunday, June 18th, at 20.00 at the Kypseli Square (Kypseli).

Τhe Multicultural choir of the Greek National Opera has started its recruitment and rehearsals since December 2016. Its members are of various origins such as Iran, Slovakia, New Guinea, Syria, Cyprus, UK and more. This GNO social project aims to become a space for creativity, expression and social networking between its members, combining traditional songs from all countries of origin of its participants with the classical choir repertory.
On Monday the 13th of March from 17.30 to 19.30 the multicultural choir will hold an open rehearsal aiming to welcome more members of foreign communities who are permanent or temporary residents of Athens, immigrants, refugees and foreign nationals, marking its second phase of artistic development.
The multicultural choir’s sessions are held at the GNO Rehearsal Building, 16 Archimedous street in Tavros (next to Kallithea station of ISAP metro line 1).
Applications for participation via FB message at the Learning & Participation page ή στο email
Looking forward to seeing you there!
GNO Learning & Participation department

18 June, 2017

In October 2016 GNO's Alternative Stage launches an cross-cultural choir workshop which is aimed at Athens' permanent and not-so-permanent residents: refugees, migrants and locals.
Its cross-cultural focus allows for members to freely exchange traditional musical repertoires on equal terms, and also provides a framework within which basic Greek language can be learned.
Inspired by the ideals of diversity, co-existence and co-creation, GNO’s Alternative Stage is sending out an open invitation to attract anyone interested in choral singing, regardless of musical education/training and previous experience. The selection process will not be based on auditions, but will place emphasis on the degree of interest shown and on the level of commitment to the project as a whole.
Combining traditional singing/music from the countries that members come from with arrangements of classical choral repertoire, the workshop aims to be an inclusive and safe space for creativity, expression and social interaction and collaboration among its members.
GNO's Alternative Stage, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre Park and meeting places in neighboring municipalities and in Athens such as squares, park, festivals and accommodation facilities, etc. will host the intercultural choir’s first concerts.
Facilitated by: Avgerini Gatsi, with the support of the GNO’s Educational and Social Activities Team.

EXCLUSIVE DONOR Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Kipseli Square
Free admission
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