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Amazonomachy (“Battle of the Amazons”) is a project by Clara Carvajal that proposes a reassessment of the myth of the amazons within its historical framework.
The exhibition is under the auspices of the Embassy of Spain in Athens.

2 March, 2022 to 29 May, 2022

Based on recent scientific discoveries that confirm the existence of these female warriors (the Amazons) during the 6th cent. B.C., the artist creates a contemporary amazonomachy. The exhibition is curated by Carmen Fernandez Ortiz and comprises 30 works.
Clara Carvajal begins with the reproductions of the fourteen metopes of the western side of the Parthenon, with photographs she took in the new Acropolis Museum of Athens. She adds texts and images to adapt them to the historical evidence, painting phrases on the protective acrylic sheet using a font that she herself has designed. The narration is complemented by a 12-minute video that shows the survival of women today in domains forbidden to them.

Wednesday to Sunday, 13:00 - 17:00
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