The artistic work of L'Abominable & L'Etna Film Labs
Pireos 84, Piraeus Str, 10436

The artistic work of L'Abominable & L'Etna Film Labs

Cinema screening

An anthology of short films made by young filmmakers, members of the Film Labs "L'Abominable" and "L'Etna", which are based in Paris, France and have been active since the 90's. "Handmade" films, which are experimenting with the boundaries between documentary, narrative and abstract cinema.Their creators believe that the use of film in modern production is absolutely necessary for the discovery of new ways of expression.
The program has been curated by Maria Kourkouta, an active member of L’Abominable and L’Etna for over ten years.

3 March, 2022

List of Films to be presented:

1. Cilaos | Camilo Restrepo (16mm, France, 2016, 13’)
A young woman gives a promise to her mother: she will search and locate the father she never met. On her way, she finds out that her father is no longer alive. However, her plan remains the same; she has to find him again. A film that dives into the rhythm of maloya, and the ritual songs of Réunion, while bridging the gap between the dead and the living.

2. Là est la maison | Victor De Las Heras & Lo Thivolle (16mm, France, 2017, 14’)
On the outside, nothing is visible. On the inside, we can hear it all. The more the “inside” broadens, the more the streets all around shrink.

3. A radical film | Stefano Canapa (35mm, France, 2017, 2’)
“Radical” means “something to do with radishes”. The film is made of black radishes, cut into small pieces, placed and exposed on film. In the digital age, the film shows us the way to rediscover…the roots of cinema.

4. Further Radical | Stefano Canapa (35mm, France, 2020, 7’)
Following Stefano Kanapa's previous experiments with black radishes, this film goes even deeper into the roots of cinema: bursts of light that penetrate the dark surfaces of the photochemical film. It is essentially the same movie; however, this time it has been processed through an optical printer device.

5. We’ll Go to Neuilly, Inch’Allah | Anna Salzberg & Mehdi Ahoudig (16mm, France, 2015, 19’)
The story of a young workers’ demonstration on Velib 'public bicycles; for the first time, they are attempting to unite all together and fight for what they believe. It’s a journey towards maturity and awareness and at the same time, a journey from the luxurious center of Paris to the suburbs of Neuilly, a symbol of the French aristocracy; a game between image and sound.

6. Ganesh | Philippe Cote (Super 8, France, 2015, 15’)
Every year, the South Indian community of Tamoule in Paris celebrates the god Ganesh in the city center. Colors, rituals, dancing, combined with images and memories from a respective celebration, at a different time, in India. The film follows an anthropological perspective, revealing at the same time the hidden quality of the simplest gestures and movements.

7. Journey through a body | Camille Degeye (16mm, France, 2019, 32’)
Thomas, a Swiss-German musician, is stuck at home because of a broken foot. He wanders in his little Parisian flat, his leg in the plaster, trying to compose a new piece of music. The next day, an unexpected visitor shows up on his door.

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Bios Exploring Urban Culture
Bios Exploring Urban Culture
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