Erotopegnia (Love Games)
Arethousis 146, Chalkida, 341 00

Erotopegnia (Love Games)


The Archaeological Museum of Chalkida "Arethousa" hosts in its inner courtyard one of the most romantic evenings of this summer. The show is part of the 2021 program of the institution "All Greece a Culture" of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The show is suitable for children over 13 years old.
Detailed program and reservations at

The events are offered free of charge by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

24 July, 2021 to 25 July, 2021

Creators: Antigone Gyra - Christos Theodorou
Choreography: Antigone Gyra in collaboration with Anthi Theofilidou
Original Music: Christos Theodorou
Lighting: Alekos Anastasiou
Costumes: Lazy Boy *

Christina Maxouri sings and plays
Christos Theodorou on the piano

Dancers: Katerina Gevetzi, Nikos Dragonas, Nikos Kalyvas, Eugenia Sigalou, Konstantinos Siozos

Production Organization: Christina Papadaki - Konstantinos Siozos
Photos: Christina Papadaki

Reservation is mandatory.
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