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Sarantapichou 55, Lycabettus, Athens, 114 71



Presentation of the new collection by the speculative haute-couture house FIN . A project by Petr Stef Kišur and Eleni Poulou, members of the art collective Honey-Suckle Company and the NOHE NOSHE music duo, in collaboration with 3 137.

16 September, 2021

On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution and drawing inspiration from Greek folk costumes, 3 137 invites two members of Berlin’s Honey-Suckle Company art collective, Petr Stef Kišur and Eleni Poulou, to visualize together a speculative haute-couture house.
In autumn 2020, 3 137 launched a crowdfunding campaign on Κickstarter, an international online platform. A year after the successful completion of the campaign, thanks to the financial support of 105 participants and in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Athen, we are happy to invite you to the parking area of Lycabettus, on Thursday, September 16, in order to attend the presentation of the FIN project, a fashion collection curated by the Honey-Suckle Company members Petr Stef Kišur and Eleni Poulou, presenting at the same time a manifesto for each ending that signals a new beginning. The event is realized with the support of the Athens Culture Net. The catwalk will start at 19:00 and will end at sunset, whereas it will be accompanied by live music by NOHE NOSHE.
The modern history of Greece constitutes a meeting point for the cross-pollination of different ideas, qualities, perceptions, and standards. In a place where the East meets the West, bringing contradictions and similarities to the fore, there is an opening for a space, and therefore a possibility for bringing together new communities.
Amid a period of social distanciation, the guest artists wish to celebrate proximity by creating a new, emblematic attire that they name social dress. The FIN project aspires to share a mutual moment and a common place with the community that will attend it, in accordance with local, peripheral, or seasonal values and strategies.
Honey-Suckle Company (HSC) is a Berlin-based art collective, founded in 1994. Petr Stef Kišur is a visual artist and founder of HSC. Eleni Poulou is a musician, former member of the band The Fall, visual artist and member of HSC. The two of them also comprise the music duo NOHE NOSHE. Their work results from a series of experimentations with photography, music, fashion, the moving image, and sculpture.
The FIN project is made possible thanks to the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign Greece 2021: An Anti-Fashion Show (carried out in autumn 2020 via the online platform Kickstarter), Mécène / Mycenae (the 3 137 membership scheme), and Goethe-Institut Athen, as well as with the support of Athens Culture Net.

Lycabettus Hill (Outdoor Parking Area)
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