Focus - Béatrice Kordon: Screening & Q&A
Pireos 84, Piraeus Str, 10436

Focus - Béatrice Kordon: Screening & Q&A

Cinema screening

KINO Athens presents the work of Béatrice Kordon; bold, original and non-formal, her work suggests an intense and restless aesthetic experience. Her last two films, "Dithyrambe pour Dionysos - et avec la nuit reviendra le temps de l'oubli" - "A dithyramb in honor of Dionysus - and with darkness will come back forgetfulness" (2007) and "Les insensés, fragments pour un passage" - "The senseless, fragments for a passage" (2014), which will be presented for the first time to the Greek public can be regarded as parts of a triptych in progress. These films entail elements, which are derived from documentary, visual arts and experimental cinema. Béatrice Kordon invents her own, unprecedented language, both on a cinematic and linguistic level.

The French directress will attend the screening to discuss her work, as well as her latest film, which she has already been shooting in Greece for a year and constitutes the final part of the triptych work in progress.

The screening's program has been curated by Olia Verriopoulou.

24 March, 2022

List of Films to be presented:

1. Dithyrambe pour Dionysos (et avec la nuit reviendra le temps de l’oubli) - A dithyramb in honor of Dionysus (and with darkness will come back forgetfulness)
France, 2007, 56'
Language: French
Subtitles: Greek, English

Dionysus is the God of wine, son of Zeus and a mortal woman; neither a human nor a god, mortal and immortal at the same time, he offers us a world, in which identities are not clear-cut and time is not linear. Beyond the myth itself, this film attempts to restore the meaning of the mythical act – creating a timeless, non-historical depiction, narrating the way men connect with the world.

Direction, Editing and Cinematography: Béatrice Kordon
Sound: Béatrice Kordon, Antoine Brochu
Production: L’Atelier 46

2. Les insensés, fragments pour un passage - The senseless, fragments for a passage
France, 2014, 58’
Language: French, Dutch
Subtitles: Greek, English

Locked in a ship where there is no escape from, the madman is delivered to the river with the thousand arms, the sea with the thousand roads, to that great uncertainty which transcends everything. He is a prisoner in the midst of what is the freest, most open route. He is the Passenger par excellence — that is, the prisoner of the passage. And the land he will arrive is unknown, as is, once he disembarks, the land he comes from.

Direction, Editing and Cinematography: Béatrice Kordon
Sound: Philippe Gout
Cast: Jeanne Bally, Sharmila Naudou, Myriam Sokoloff, Sébastien Todesco
Producer: Vanessa Ramonbordes
Production: Acis Productions, Le Fresnoy - Studio national des Arts contemporains

About Béatrice Kordon:
After studying Cinematography at La Femis, Béatrice Kordon started making films that explore and question the cinematic writing itself. Her films combine elements that can be found in documentary practices, experimental cinema, sound installations and visual arts, working their narration as a weaving of multiple threads and various sources, such as video, film, photos, paintings, archives. Currently, she has been working on the third part of her triptych in progress, which started with her films "A dithyramb in honor of Dionysus - and with darkness will come back forgetfulness" (2007) and "The senseless, fragments for a passage" (2014).

She has also collaborated with other directors as a DoP or editor, while leading cinema workshops in various institutions. Since 2018, she has been active in the Performing Arts field, working with theater directors Marie Lelardoux and Malte Schwind. She has been also involved in wood sculptures and installations since 2013.

2014 Les Insensés
2007 Dithyrambe pour Dionysos
1999 Tu crois qu'on peut parler d'autre chose que d'amour?
1997 Héros désarmés

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Bios Exploring Urban Culture
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