Friday 24.07 | Chimerinoi Kolimvites, 40 years
Technopolis City of Athens
Pireos 100, Gazi, 11854

Friday 24.07 | Chimerinoi Kolimvites, 40 years


Chimerinoi Kolimvites (Winter Swimmers) will ‘dip’ into Technopolis on Friday, July 24th. The longest lasting band in the Greek music industry continues its distinct course for many years, with unpredictable turns. Argiris Bakirtzis together with his special friends and musicians sets a summer date with a comprehensive setlist of songs from their entire 40 year presence on the music scene, their eight albums and other unreleased ones.
As they have been doing for many years, their setlist will depend on the audience, their mood, but also apparently on the specific current political and cultural circumstances.

24 July, 2020

Friday 24.07

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