# RevoltingBodies
ATOPOS Contemporary Visual Culture
Salaminos 72 str, Metaxourgeio, 10435

# RevoltingBodies

Visual Arts

For the 2021 programme of #OccupyAtopos and with reference to the 200 year anniversary of the Greek revolution, ATOPOS cvc invites artist, historian, and researcher Alexis Fidetzis to curate the hybrid, ever-evolving project #Revolting Bodies, where his own personal artistic practice will interact with that of invited contributors and collaborators.
The project #RevoltingBodies aims to integrate the Greek Revolution into a broader dialogue about the revolutionary phenomenon that to an extent defined modernity, avoiding the glorious, grand narratives and immersing into the stories of the bodies upon which both the revolutionary action and the mythologies around it are imposed. Bodies defined by gender or race, factual or mythical, tender and brutal, glorified and beheaded. Through these bodies the project will see the revolution as something more than an archetypical battle between good and evil. It will investigate the means of turning the individual into a hero and also the revolutionary narrative into a structural element of the national imagination.
#RevoltingBodies will take over the entire physical and virtual space of ATOPOS, transforming its neoclassical building in downtown Athens into its ''Revolutionary headquarters''. A series of installations, actions, workshops and publications will be presented through the participation of theorists and visual artists from Greece and abroad. The project will conclude with a group exhibition that will take place from October to December 2021.

* for the duration of this program, the physical space of ATOPOS at Salaminos Street 72, Metaxourgeio, will be operating in accordance with the government’s precautionary measures against COVID-19.

23 April, 2021 to 20 December, 2021

#OccupyAtopos Is the artist residency programme of ATOPOS cvc. The main focus of the program is on interdisciplinary research and the study of contemporary visual culture of the human body. It will emphasize the embodied experience and the narrated character of the gendered and racialized body, personal and collective trauma, memory, systems of embodied cognition, as well as the relationship between the body, social justice, and ecology. Its mission is to observe and support the creative process of emerging artists, designers, curators, and thinkers.
The word ‘atopos’, from the ancient Greek word ''ἄτοπος'', means out of space and out of the way and refers to that which is strange, unwonted, eccentric and disgusting, but also to the foul and the unclassifiable.
Those who have participated to date have been, amongst others, The Callas, Craig Green, Ren Hang, Bouchra Khalili, Nevin Aladag, Daniel Knorr, Imbrahim Mahama, FYTA, Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou, Aimee Le, Tomashi Jackson.

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12:00 - 19:00
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