Saturday 1.08 | Zisis Roumbos & Aristotelis Rigas – Hashtag
Technopolis City of Athens
Pireos 100, Gazi, 11854

Saturday 1.08 | Zisis Roumbos & Aristotelis Rigas – Hashtag


Zisis Roumbos and Aristotelis Rigas joined forces in March for the first time in a double bill stand-up comedy and musical comedy show with the title Hashtag. A show came out that took place for four Saturdays and it was packed with people, laughter to tears and an explosive combination of humor!
And because we can never get enough of laughing, they are making a dynamic comeback to Technopolis in a unique show that includes everything and beyond! Aristotelis Rigas, on one hand, with his known skill in word-plays, music remixes and observation humor, describes his life at 40 years old. Zisis Roubos, on the other hand, with his explosive presence and his narrative skills, describes his life story up to today in a hilarious way. And talks about animals. Yes. He has a strong preference for animals and includes them in his texts.
They find themselves alone and together on stage in a musical comedy show, a surprise get-together! Again it will be #Hastag perfect!

1 August, 2020

Saturday 1.08

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