Thursday 30.07 | Katerine Duska & Leon of Athens
Technopolis City of Athens
Pireos 100, Gazi, 11854

Thursday 30.07 | Katerine Duska & Leon of Athens


In recent years, the two artists have stood out for their talent in Greece and abroad. Their collaboration started with the song “Better Love” that led Katerine Duska to last year’s Eurovision song contest. Their first duet song “Anemos” followed which was their first Greek song that got on radio playlists and stayed there over a period of time, reaching the top 3 songs of Spotify Greece, while they also released their personal English single songs “Sanctuary” and “Communication”.
Katerine and Leon, two talented songwriters of the modern pop scene, will meet and go on stage for the first time at the heart of the city in the heart of summer for a night with songs we have loved from their personal discography but also with music that has inspired them.
SneakyBlack will open the concert.

30 July, 2020

Thursday 30.07

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