Petras 93, 10444, Athens

ActionAid is an independent, international organization that has been working since 1972, with over 15 million people in 45 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice.
Through education, collective action and solidarity, ActionAid brings real change to the lives of the most marginalized people. It supports people to rely on their own power to claim a life of dignity. It helps local communities take action to hold their governments accountable, and joins forces together with local organizations to advocate against policies and practices that perpetuate poverty and social injustice.

In Greece, ActionAid Hellas was founded in 1998.
• To date, ActionAid Hellas has supported 83 communities around the world, thanks to more than 100,000 Child Sponsors from Greece and Cyprus. Today it continues by supporting 47 communities in 19 countries.
• In Greece, it supports children, teenagers and adults that are financially challenged, through a local community center called Epikentro. This community center is located in the Municipality of Athens and supports vulnerable families through programs against social and economic exclusion.
• ActionAid Hellas has established Action Finance Initiative, the first microcredit organization in Greece that offers opportunities to new small entrepreneurs by further contributing to the reduction of unemployment.
• ActionAid Hellas also promotes active citizenship through educational programs in schools with the participation of thousands of students each year.
• ActionAid Hellas raises public awareness on issues related to global poverty, racism and social exclusion while promoting active citizenship and volunteerism.

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