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The European Animation Center is a non-profit and a non-governmental organization that aims to bring the younger generation closer to the animation and the other arts in general. Special emphasis is given to the education process. Attention has also been given in supporting the professional creativity of young people, through special audiovisual programs. From August 2004, when the European Animation Center was established, more than 100000 viewers attended our projections, workshops, meetings, expositions and other activities in Greece.
Activities that were established by the European Animation Center are the following:
• Athens Animfest
• Animart Greece
• Animation Marathon
• Athens Multimation
• The Fases

The following domain names belong to the European Animation Center.

Contact Information
European Animation Center
T.: +30 210 72 93 691
M.: +30 694 42 27 740
F.: +30 210 72 93 691

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