Athens Art Network


"petit Paris d' Athènes" was brought to life and organized by Athens Art Network which is a non-profit organization. The network was unofficially created at the beginning of the year 2012 comprising multiple independent artistic teams as well as organizing volunteers, it acquired its legal form in March 2015. Since its establishment the network aims to collect, organize and invest into novel alternative cultural projects such as "petit Paris d' Athènes", “Athens gardens festival” etc.
Athens' Art Network main goals are: to promote the cultural sector in Greece and abroad, expansion of the festivals map and further development of cultural tourism, employment of human resources, in parallel with supporting of cultural and social standards, cultural network development .
Throughout these years "petit Paris d' Athènes" established an unofficial culture management educational program, which puts theory into practice during the festival organization and implementation.
In the preparation stage of the festival, volunteers attend the necessary seminars, and participate in team projects being proactive. After the completion of the festival the volunteers are given a certificate of attendance.

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