Free Thinking Zone

Athens, Kolonaki
Skoufa 64 & Grivaion str, 106 80 Athens

Free Thinking Zone is a concept bookshop for contemporary art and thinking. It is the first activism bookshop in Greece, established in December 2011, fighting for more liberties and further engaging citizens on human rights protection. Located at the centre of the Greek capital, Athens and right at the crossroads between Kolonaki square, an upscale part of the city and Exarcheia square, the most antiauthoritarian part of the city, Free Thinking Zone addresses those who do not believe in the obvious and those who "during the night they don’t see the darkness but the blue of the sky" (Georges Bataille).

Free Thinking Zone is a community of those who wish to be engaged in actions related to equality, refugees’ rights protection, LGBTQI community, events against violence. Therefore, our community works with a wide network of volunteers.
To date, we number more than 700 events in collaboration with established institutions, foundations and NGOs, including the Municipality of Athens, the Bodossaki Foundation, the delegations of the EP and EC in Greece, ActionAid, the Institute of Ideas in London, the international platform for women empowerment Lean in and others.

Free Thinking Zone is, at the same time, a coffee shop, a gallery, a co-working space and a venue where you can always find a cultural, political or social event that meets your interests.
The Free Thinking Zone publishing house was established in 2013 and to this day we have published 7 titles and the first in Greece board game dedicated to booklovers called “Beat the BookBug” with the support of Athens World Book Capital 2018. All its titles are related to a social cause, relevant to its purpose. Join us!

Opening hours
Monday –Friday: 10:00-21:00
Saturday: 10:00-20:00
Two Sundays per month. Please give us a call before.
Twitter: @freethinkinzone
YouTube: Free Thinking Zone(official)
Instagram: free_thinking_zone

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