Morfes Ekfrasis

Kato Petralona
Alkminis 13, 11854, Athens

The “Morfes Ekfrasis” cultural organization (meaning Forms of Expression) was established in 1993 by the actor, director and music teacher Thomas Kindinis. Having a course of many years in the field of theatrical creation and education, he creates “Morfes Ekfrasis” aiming to the following:

1. Enhancement of the actor as an ambassador of culture and hope in the community. Theatre (as a form of art) as a way of self-acquaintance and self-development. Art in interaction with the community.
2. Transmit the knowledge that he holds in Aesthetic and Theater tradition to younger generations, urging them at the same time to adapt this knowledge to modern-current ways of expression. Creation of theatrical performances and study of Ancient Greek Drama.
3. Younger generations to know and study Greek and global tradition and find in these not only a variety of sound and rhythms, but also the common human needs and values. To explore and enhance communication between the arts as well as the interplay of theater, music and movement.
4. Art as a means of inner development and expression; of children.
5. Encouragement of modern artistic creation by young artists.
6. Upgrowth of modern artistic creation in children 's theatre.
7. Bringing in view global repertoire that highlights Human and Spirit.

In this context, “Morfes Ekfrasis” organization’s rich history includes the making of Ancient Greek Drama performances, plays inspired by Greek and Global tradition, works of contemporary authors, children 's performances, and many more. It has featured numerous artists, actors, musicians, authors, directors etc. It has also held workshops, seminars, artistic activities for children, adolescents and adults. At the same time takes part in numerous events that they aim to the expansion of the community.


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