NOITI GRAMMI theatre group


NOITI GRAMMI was founded in 2000 by Olga Pozeli.
In NOITI GRAMMI theatre group, over the last few years, we have been actively engaged in producing devised and performance pieces, trying to develop our own individual method.
We do not wish to keep the spectator in the dark, we do not expect him to totally forget himself and immerse in the world of fiction. We do not want the spectator to lose sense of time and place. On stage, the actor plays a role, or multiple ones, without losing his identity. At the same time, the spectator, through his emotional participation, remains fully conscious of his being actively in communion with the event.
The process of creating a performance of devised theatre inevitably draws on personal experience as well as on the ability to give new form to already existing material, in the framework of a collectively designed structure. We therefore choose to deal with issues that concern us all, issues that we can relate to, in our effort to talk about what it means to live in this particular moment and space.

Type of events:
Theatre performances, promenade, site specific. Educational seminars.

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