Orila Records


Orila Records primary focus lies on the fields of events production and releasing cultural works since 2008.
Our aim is to introduce and familiarize existing and new audiences with the wide spectrum of experimental arts through in-situ performances, interdisciplinary artworks and impromptu events that create a meaningful discussion with the wider public.
During these 11 years we have curated and produced a number of site-specific events (in apartments, ateliers, terraces, public and rural locations) as well as performance venues such as the now defunct Frown Tails, Knot Gallery, No Central, Space Under, Vyrsodepseio and Skrow theatre, Booze Cooperativa, Six D.o.g.s, Kassandras, Romantso and Vovousa Festival 2016.
Alongside, we have released 30 works of prominent Greek and international artists.
Our full catalogue with sound clips, photos and further information can be found on our website.

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