KAMBANELLISLAND: Naxos, Mauthausen, Athens
Benaki Museum / The Ghika Gallery
3 Kriezotou St., Syntagma square, 10671

KAMBANELLISLAND: Naxos, Mauthausen, Athens


Iakovos Kambanellis has a prominent position among the Greek creatives who shaped the intellectual and artistic life in the country during the second half of the 20th century.
Naxos, Mauthausen, Athens: the places that informed a particular and unique life path.

30 March, 2022 to 30 July, 2022

A life full of experiences, which shaped his personality, influenced his creative work, demarcated his contribution and presence in the public sphere.
- The most distinguished and distinguishable author in Greek theatre, he contributed to its revival, linked dramaturgy with realism and social concerns, creative work with thinking.
- Author of an internationally renown play of anti-war literature that recounts his experiences in Mauthausen.
- A lyricist, whose lyrics became the popular songs that accompanied the joys and sorrows of many post-war generations, and enrich the everyday sensitivity in 21st century Greece.
- Author of scripts for many landmark films, a stage and film director.
- An active citizen who was involved in public dialogue with openness, impartiality and reflective frankness.
- During his multifarious course, he engaged into dialogue with acclaimed creators.

The exhibition Kambanellisland explores his versatile course, highlights the elective affinities that connect him with a wide range of artists and thinkers in modern Greece, traces and sheds light on the correlations between his work and the works of the creators that are permanently presented in Benaki Museum / the Ghika Gallery.

Benaki Museum / The Ghika Gallery
Greek, English
30/03 - 30/07/2022
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00
Entry to the exhibition is included in the standard ticket for the Benaki Museum / The Ghika Gallery: € 9, € 5
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