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Friday, 13 October, 2017

The UK undoubtedly has a long-standing tradition in creative writing. In an attempt to explore British creative writing methodologies within a Greek context, our Creative Writing Programme aims to examine how elements from this rapidly growing sector can be usefully and meaningfully developed in Greece, and likewise, how ideas from Greece can be adopted in the UK.

The programme also aims to create a space for meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas between Greek and UK writers at what is a dynamic and rapidly changing time in Europe.

Through a combination of workshops and open readings, the programme is an attempt to provide young writers with opportunities to develop their skills and expertise, and to come into contact with writing professionals (editors, publishers, agents and translators).

Poetry and Fiction Writing Groups

We’re delighted to invite you to join our new Writing Groups (Poetry and Fiction), which we are running for the sixth consecutive year. The writing groups will start in October and workshops will be held at our Athens office.

The Writing Groups are open to young and more experienced writers who want to share their skills and ideas, receive constructive feedback and discuss their work with like-minded peers, exchange views and listen to experienced and well-established writers and people from the book industry in the UK and Greece.

The working language is Greek but participants should also be able to work in English, especially for sessions via Skype (with British writers associated with Kingston Writing School) and other activities that may arise.


Fiction group: Vangelis Provias
Vangelis Provias is the author of Black Parade Shoes (2014) and Messolongi Square (2016). He is a graduate of the Study of the United States Institute on Contemporary American Literature programme.

Poetry group: Panagiotis Ioannidis
Panayotis Ioannidis has published three books of poems: To sossivio [The Lifesaver] (2008), Akalyptos [Uncovered] (2013) and Polonia [Poland] (2016). He is on the faculty of the Cavafy Archive/Onassis Foundation’s educational programmes, poetry editor of the monthly The Books’ Journal, on the editorial board of the poetry journal FRΜΚ and curator of the poetry readings Me ta loyia (yinete) [Words (can) do it].

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