Onasis Foundation: 9th week of broadcasting

Thursday, 28 May, 2020

We stand close, not closed and we insist on going out, through Onasis Foundation digital channel.
In Athens, New York, Los Angeles, all around the world.
From Friday April 3rd, the Foundation uploads and share in their YouTube channel instances, images, discussions, sounds, emotions. Sold-out shows, new podcasts, educational programs, virtual cinematic experiences, online courses, secret concerts. The reality of the Onassis Foundation becomes digital. One Stegi in every house, in a place that doesn’t exist in the map, to entertain, educate, unite, trigger discussions.
We come close again, we take the best seat on the sofa and tune into the digital channel of the Onassis Foundation where you can find something different today and every day.
Check out all new releases, free of charge and with no time constraints every Friday.
Learn more at https://www.onassis.org/channel/about

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