Top distinctions for the National Theatre of Greece in Russia

Friday, 13 October, 2017

The National Theatre/ Moscow Vakhtangov Theater co-production of Sophocles’s “Oedipus Rex” has been awarded the “Crystal Turandot” award for best performance. Established in 1991, this is the most important independent, non-state Russian theatrical award.

Bakhtangov Theatre director and creative head, Rimas Touminas, said: “I am very proud of our joint project. The Greek Chorus brought to light the artistic meaning of the whole tragedy. Most importantly however, the Russian spectator fell in love with the Greek actors acting. It is a love well deserved.”

For his part, National Theatre artistic director, Stathis Livathinos, noted: “This distinction for the Greek part of our coproduction is for us a great honor “.

In addition, the National Theatre Drama School received the top prize at the “Danail Chirpansky” International Student Theater Festival, where it presented one of the performances of this year’s graduating class, Aeschylus’s “Agamemnon”, as instructed by Dimitris Imelos.

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